24. November 2007

Questions to Your Own Characters – Character Questionnaires

Many authors delve into the characters of a story before they begin writing it. A little aid to get to know your own characters are characters questionnaires. A list of questions to or about a character. Two of these are available at Gotham Writers’ Workshop:

» Character Questionnaires – Get to Know Your Characters

The first one is structured like a check list. It contains simple questions like “What is your character’s name?”, but also more in-depth questions like “What is her biggest fear? Who has she told this to? Who would she never tell this to? Why?”.

A nice twist has the second collection of questions. It is structured like an interview, so you can interview your own character. :)

These questionnaires are probably not revolutionary, but I think they can come in handy as a source for inspiration.

(via kreativrauschen.de)

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Interactive Storefront – Peeking at Women in Elle Macpherson Intimates Underwear

Interactive Shop Window Advertising

The Digitalist created an interesting ad for Elle Macpherson Intimates (apparently an underwear brand). They placed a huuuge display in a shop window which shows only the brand name on black background by default. As soon as someone moves in front of the window, this visitor’s silhouette opens a view behind the black – onto videos of sparely dressed women. It is like an inverted shadow with smear effect. :)

You can see it in this video:

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23. November 2007

Ghoultown – Tales from the Dead West (CD-Review)

Ghoultown - Tales from the Dead West

Ghoultown create music that I have difficulties to categorize. It sounds a bit like Country, but is based mainly on electric guitars. The atmosphere is gloomy, although the music doesn’t take itself overly serious at this.

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22. November 2007

Last.fm Open Mind Index – How open are you to different styles of music?

The list of Last.fm extensions is still expanding. :) Today: The Last.fm Open Mind Index

With this tool, you can calculate your personal Open Mind Index (OMI). The OMI is intended to reflect the bandwidth or your personal musical taste. The higher the number, the broader is your taste in music and the more open you are to different styles of music.

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Dune 4.0 – “interactive landscape”

An interactive installation by Daan Roosegaarde is called Dune 4.0. It consists of hundred of black fibers with LED-lighted tops, which react on the movements and sounds of passing visitors. It kinda reminds one of futuristic techno reed. :) Daan Roosegaarde refers to his installation as an interactive landscape.

I like this beautiful, slightly eerie atmosphere.

In the video, Dune 4.0 is installed in an interior space. The artist later installed it in a pedestrian pass underground. I think the atmosphere is better in this video, though.

Judging from the video, the installation’s reactions to the visitors are a little delayed, which would be a pity. But maybe I misjudge it or maybe it has already been improved.

» Dune 4.0

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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18. November 2007

My Samsung SyncMaster 245b (Review / Test)

» Deutsch

Samsung SyncMaster 245b on my desktop

Recently, I bought a new monitor: A Samsung SyncMaster 245b. The screen size measures impressive 24 inches. Yeah! ^_^

First of all, a few facts:

Screen size: 24″
Resolution: 1920×1200
Panel technology: TN
Connections: VGA, DVI
Energy consumption: max. 100W
Standby: max. 2W
USB ports: no
Integrated speakers: no (fortunately!)

My first impression was more or less “wow”. :) The monitor is big, matt black and easy to put into operation. The monitor comes completely assembled with the stand attached, you can just put it on your desk and turn it on. It’s foolproof: Attach your VGA or DVI cable and push the big button. There’s nothing to be configured (unless you want to).

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16. November 2007

Survey: Surveillance cameras in Berlin’s subway are ineffective

In 2006, a pilot project was started to install surveillance cameras in several routes of Berlin’s subway. One condition of the project was that it had to be evaluated. The disillusioning intermediary result:

A change of crime rates due to the introduction of video surveillance does not become apparent. A significant effect on the security in Berlin’s subway is not to be expected.
(Page 6 of the report, translated by me)

Curiously, the operating company reacted on these results not by stopping the surveillance, but by stopping the evaluation. They announced to expande the surveillance to all 170 subway stations in Berlin.

Their argument is that this kind of evaluation is not fit to verify an improvement of objective security for their customers with the currently rising crime rate in public transport.

How good to see that surveillance projects are handled to responsibly… *sigh*

Source: Humanistische Union – Videoüberwachung in den U-Bahnen bringt keinen Sicherheitsgewinn (German)

(via Fefe via Kreativrauschen.de)

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9. November 2007

German Bundestag Decides to Implement Data Retention

Starting next year, all communication providers in Germany will have to store all connection data for six months.

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QuakeRunner – Quake as Physical Exercise


In Quake, you sweep around virtual avatars all the time. Probably your avatars get really healthy through the regular exercises, but yourself are becoming fat and fatter because you’re sitting in front of your computer all the time. Doesn’t that suck?

Maybe this is what Martin Faust was thinking when he created QuakeRunner. It is an interface for Quake 3 which controls character movements by your won movements like turning, jumping and running on the spot.

Unfortunately, QuakeRunner seems to be based on special tracking hardware, so you probably can’t try it yourself. That would be cool…

If I interpret the concept correctly, you could also use a Wiimote for tracking… hmmm ^_^

» QuakeRunner

You also might remember another way to get physical movements into Quake: ARQuake, which tries to implement virtual Quake monsters into the real world.

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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8. November 2007

Gametrak as Drum Kit: The Maiabeatmachine

Erik used a clothes horse, a Gametrak and a little bit of software to create a virtual drum kit.

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