stats.mod equips your eggdrop with the ability to create various statistics about your channels.

One of the special features of this module is the integrated webserver. It alllows your eggdrop to server the statistics without any delay. They are always absolutely up-to-date.

Additionally, you can access the statistics over IRC using channel commands (!stats, !top, etc) or via private messages to the bot without annoying the rest of the channel.

Just like gseen.mod, stats.mod can easily be extended to use several languages on the webinterface as well as on IRC.



  • integrated webserver
  • completely customizable layout
  • user management, which isn’t linked to eggdrop’s internal userlist
  • information display on IRC
  • multi-language abilities
  • fast



This is a version which should be still in development. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time at the moment to continue to work on it. It still has a few flaws, but it is usable if you don’t need 100% stability.

–> v1.4.0.dev20


This one is the stable series. If you need a module which is as reliable as possible, but don’t need the advanced features of v1.4, this is the right version for you.

–> v1.3.3.dev1


stats.mod is available on Github.


These translations were kindly provided by people all over the world. Thanks a lot for the translations! Please understand that I can’t take any responsibility for the content of these translations (no, I don’t speak each of these languages fluently *g*).



Unfortunately, there aren’t any languages except German and English available, because this version is still in development. Who wants can send me translations, but please be aware that you probably will have to adjust them to newer versions.