Repty (app)

Learning app with spaced repetition for children.

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Focality (app)

Deep planning and self improvement app.

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Values Finder (app)

Find your personal core values in two easy steps.

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Checkpanel (checklist tool)

A checklist application for organizing frequent checks.

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Beyond Vision (video concert)

Visual concert with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra

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Linear Interactive Storytelling (Master’s Thesis)

My master’s thesis. It researches methods to productively use linearity within interactive stories without hampering the user’s perceived freedom.

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Dave” (video installation)

The interactive music video installation.

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“Stuttgart in Ton” (documentary)

An experimental documentary about the sounds of Stuttgart.

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“Zeiträume” (short movie)

Created at the Hochschule der Medien in 2006.

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“Lachen steckt an!” (short movie)

The first short movie created after my time at FH-Furtwangen.

“Zirkus” (short movie)

A short movie by Erik Schneider with me behind the camera.

Virtuelle Bands (diploma thesis)

My diploma thesis, which is a concept for creating a web platform for collaborative music making.

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“Choose” (interactive music video)

An interactive music video, produced in 2005.

Final Kings – Lesson #1 (music video)

A music video, shot in the Crash in Freiburg.


“Höhenflüge” is a feature-film-like image film for the Luftsportverband Rheinland-Pfalz and the DAEC.

“Was für’n Mario?”

A portrait about the operator of the club “Crash” in Freiburg, Germany.

I produced this short documentary together with three fellow students (Bernd, Stefan and Philipp) during my time at the FH-Furtwangen. It got a 1.0 from our professor, in 2005 it won at the VideoSlam in Freiburg and in early 2006 it was shown as a supporting movie in a cinema in Freiburg for a week.

“Letzte Instanz” in concert

For WebTV “GLF”, we produced this short report about the band “Letzte Instanz” and their concert in Karlsruhe, Germany.

“GLF geht vom Netz”

Again, a production for GLF. This time, I planned a complete show with a slightly adventurous concept.