gseen works similar to countless seen scripts. It logs for each user when he or she was last seen in the channel and makes this information publically available. It takes switching nick names into consideration and supports wildcards in search-requests.

The advantage of gseen in contrast to most other seen scripts is it’s speed. gseen can handle databases of several thousand nicks without a lag in seen requests. It also supports several languages.

–> download v1.1.2

Changing nick length

gseen should adjust itself automatically to the nick length that has been configured in your main eggdrop configuration file. Unfortunately, that does not always work. If you experience problems, you can try manually changing it to your desired nick length using a gseen config option:

set seen-nick-len <length>


gseen.mod is available on Github.


These translations were kindly provided by people all over the world. Thanks a lot for the translations! Please understand that I can’t take any responsibility for the content of these translations (no, I don’t speak each of these languages fluently *g*).

Questions / Suggestions

If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please open a issue on Github.