Repty – Spaced Repetition Learning App for Kids

With Repty, your child can effortlessly learn everything that matters to you. Whether it’s their own address, the days of the week, or initial number comprehension – choose from pre-made content or create your own customized material. A spaced repetition algorithm, specially adapted for children, optimizes reviews at intervals that are both efficient and motivating.

Spaced Repetition: The Magical Memory Formula

Knowledge fades over time. Regular reviews are key to retaining what we’ve learned in our minds. But how often should we do this? Classic flashcards are often revisited at constant intervals or based on specific occasions, but this is far from optimal. Ideally, one should refresh knowledge shortly before it’s forgotten. After each review, the time span until the knowledge would fade expands. By cleverly choosing the moments to review, one can solidify a vast amount of knowledge with very little effort.

What is learned today should best be repeated the very next day. After that, wait three days before revisiting it. Then a week, two weeks, a month, and so on. For knowledge that one has already mastered, this technique requires very little time investment.

Repty – The Learning App for Kids with Spaced Repetition

With Repty, your child can effortlessly learn everything that matters to you. Whether it’s their own address, the days of the week, or early number concepts – choose from pre-made content or create your own personalized material. A child-friendly spaced repetition algorithm repeats content at intervals that are both efficient and motivating.

Kid-Friendly Algorithm

Repty’s spaced repetition algorithm is perfectly tailored to children. It ensures efficiency while adapting content to the needs of children. For instance, a learning unit always starts with a simple question, allowing for a sense of achievement right from the beginning. Additionally, the number of challenging questions is limited to prevent frustration. This way, the system automatically adjusts to your child’s individual learning pace.

Custom Stories for Completed Learning Units

Once the day’s content has been mastered, Repty can generate a short story about it. These stories are exciting, suitable for children, and incorporate the day’s learnings. Read by mom or dad, it provides a great finale to the learning session that your child can always look forward to.

See and Hear: Early Learning for Pre-Readers

Your child doesn’t need to be able to read to use Repty. All content is available both audibly and visually.

Includes Ready-to-Use Learning Content

Repty comes with a repertoire of ready-to-use learning materials on various topics, including:

  • Months and Days of the Week
  • Social Behavior
  • Basic Number Concepts
  • Planets of the Solar System

Teach Your Child What Matters Most to You

Beyond the ready-to-use learning materials, Repty allows you to teach the knowledge that specifically you deem important for your child. Create your own content with ease, such as:

  • “What is your last name?”
  • “On which street do you live?”
  • “In which city do you live?”
  • “Who is allowed to pick you up from kindergarten?”

The Right Mode for Every Occasion

Repty offers various modes to practice learning content. This means the best method can be used for each individual topic. Moreover, children stay more motivated thanks to greater variety.

Question and Answer

The classic flashcard system: A question is asked, then the answer can be revealed. It’s up to you to decide whether you answered correctly. This requires some discipline, or even better, parental supervision.

Sequential Multiple Choice

Instead of displaying the correct answer immediately, possible answers are presented one after the other, which the child can judge as right or wrong. This way, the child is not tempted to cheat and it is also a little easier for them.

Rocket Rush

Rockets fly across the screen, each carrying something different. The goal is to tap all the rockets that carry a specific item, such as three dots, the letter E, or the number 7. This trains reflexive recognition. This mode is ideally suited for practicing quantity understanding (recognizing instead of counting) or for training letter and number recognition.

Image Selection

Select the correct image that matches the spoken question.

Try it Out!

Repty is currently being tested in a small group. You can be part of it too! Just send me an informal email. It’s free.