Dave – The Interactive Music Video Installation

Panorama of the installation

Dave is an interactive music video installation for the homonymous song by Siambok. The recipient, surrounded by displays, can alter the course of the video by interacting with three pillars. Interaction does not only change the video, but also the music. Nonetheless, the music preserves its character, because all possible variations are preproduced. There is no visible or audible break during the interaction. The switches are seamless.

Audience in the Installation

Dave exists as rock, electronic rock and orchestral rock. The recipient can choose between these styles on seven predefined points in the video. Theoretically there are 288 possible variations. If there is no decision made, a random choice is made by the system. In no case, the music video is interrupted at any time.

The interaction and surrounding setting pulls the recipient out of the passiveness which usually is so typical for the consumption of music videos. One doesn’t see and hear Dave on the way by, Dave engages the recipient, lets him immerse into the music.

One of the interaction elements

3 hires front displays with a combined resolution of 5760×1080 pixels, 8 standard displays, 8 computers, 3 stovepipes, 50 packing cases and 11 pieces of furniture incorporate the installation. Almost 45 minutes high resolution video footage had to be produced for Dave.

Myself and Erik created the installation as part of our postgraduate studies at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany. The whole project including concept, video production, programming and construction was realized in only four months.

Erik vor der Installation


At the MediaNight

Impressions from the premiere at the MediaNight of the Hochschule der Medien on 25. January 2007.

Attention: The soundtrack is not the real one from the installation. The original music is included in the other videos.

Video Version

The content of the three front displays during a selected course of the installation => a “classic” music video.

Installation Version

View of the full installation during one possible run.



Julian Schädler (vocals, guitar, text, music) Philipp Geigis (guitar) Claus-Peter Bensch (bass) Holger Hechtle (drums)


Manuel Renken

Camera Operator

Jörg Broszeit

Camera and Production Assistant

Helen-Kristin Sommer

Concept, Production, Direction, Cut, Programming, Installation

Florian Sander and Erik Schneider


Prof. Dr. Schaugg / Prof. Schulz

Many thanks to

Werner Bürkle / Sebastian Friling / Steffen Mühlhöfer / Jan Stillhammer / Tobias Schuster / Jan Schulze / Manfred Tham / Mariela Canzler / Sebastian Schlecht / Getränkemarkt Nah & Gut / Farout

Kindly supported by

Schutzbauten Stuttgart e.V. / Schutzraumbetriebsdienst der Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart / Soundland Professional Music Equipment / CLS Filmtechnikvermietung

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