19. January 2008

Building a Cheap Multi-Touch Whiteboard using a WiiMote and a Projector

Yet another cool thing to do with a WiiMote: Build an electronic multi-touch whiteboard.

The WiiMote includes an infrared camera which can be used to track points which reflect infrared light. Johnny Chung Lee used this feature to work with self-made infrared pens on various surfaces (primarily projections):

The descriptions sounds as if it should be relatively easy (and cheap) to build something like that yourself. All necessary software is available on Johnny’s website.

(via Kreativrauschen.de via Fefe)

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27. November 2007

Move – The Physically Exhausting Computer Game Installation

Even interactive installations usually let their users stand around relatively motionless. I wonderful counter-example is Move, a kind of game which I saw at the Ars Electronica Festival 2007.

Move consists of a game field which is projected onto the floor. You stand on this field and will be animated to move in different game modes. The fundamental rule is: Avoid the red.

This is how it looks like:

(thanks, Erik, for the video)

I never played such an physically exhausting computer game in my life. After a while you are frantically panting. :) But it is so much fun, you do not want to stop. :)

If you ever get to Linz, Austria, go try it! I think Move can be played in the Ars Electronica Center even when there is currently no festival.

Another cool thing about Move is that it is firmly rooted in reality. You do not control a avatar in a virtual world with your movement, but you yourself have to escape from the red. (admittedly, even in Move you are represented by a grey shadow on the field, but the felt result is the same because there is almost no lag)

More games at the border of reality and virtuality

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24. November 2007

Interactive Storefront – Peeking at Women in Elle Macpherson Intimates Underwear

Interactive Shop Window Advertising

The Digitalist created an interesting ad for Elle Macpherson Intimates (apparently an underwear brand). They placed a huuuge display in a shop window which shows only the brand name on black background by default. As soon as someone moves in front of the window, this visitor’s silhouette opens a view behind the black – onto videos of sparely dressed women. It is like an inverted shadow with smear effect. :)

You can see it in this video:

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22. November 2007

Dune 4.0 – “interactive landscape”

An interactive installation by Daan Roosegaarde is called Dune 4.0. It consists of hundred of black fibers with LED-lighted tops, which react on the movements and sounds of passing visitors. It kinda reminds one of futuristic techno reed. :) Daan Roosegaarde refers to his installation as an interactive landscape.

I like this beautiful, slightly eerie atmosphere.

In the video, Dune 4.0 is installed in an interior space. The artist later installed it in a pedestrian pass underground. I think the atmosphere is better in this video, though.

Judging from the video, the installation’s reactions to the visitors are a little delayed, which would be a pity. But maybe I misjudge it or maybe it has already been improved.

» Dune 4.0

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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29. October 2007

Bangarama – Using Headbanging as Musical Instrument

Illustration from an article about Bangarama

“Headbanging” describes a way in that rock music enthusiasts consume music not only passively, but strive to gain a more intense musical experience through rhythm-abiding nodding and shaking of their heads.
(Laszlo Bardos, translated by me)

If headbanging is such an established instrument for enhanced musical experience, why not use it to create music in the first place?1

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30. August 2007

Volume: Bright, audiovisual and interactive installation


The audiovisual and interactive installation Volume consists of numerous shining columns, which are installed at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The columns change their optical textures when visitors walk between them. Probably, the sound of the installation changes as well – but that is not described anywhere.

Volume is a cooperation between United Visual Artists (UVA) and Robert Del Naja (also known as “3D” from Massive Attack), as well as Neil Davidge from one point six.

I think this installation is pretty cool – although you probably only know the real coolness when you are standing right within Volume. The video at the project website is by all means impressively atmospheric.

» Volume at the V&A

If you’re interested in interactive installations, please also take a look at Dave – The interactive music video installation. (Sorry for the shameless self-marketing *g*)

(via we make money not art)

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12. May 2007

Dave: The Interactive Music Video Installation


Last semester, Erik and myself created an interactive music video installation called “Dave“. It was the – so far – most intense project I have done. Well, it was worth it. :) We created the first installation of this kind that I know of.

The recipient, surrounded by displays, can alter the course of the video by interacting with three pillars. Interaction does not only change the video, but also the music. Nonetheless, the music preserves its character, because all possible variations are preproduced.

We created a little webpage with details about dave. There are pictures and videos which hopefully give an impression about the installation:

» Dave: The Interactive Music Video Installation «

There’s also a German version of the same pages.

Too bad that it existed only for one day. It’s hard to describe the feeling when you were actually standing within it. Videos can’t really show that. *sigh*

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