Photo-Compositing Step by Step

Recently I stumbled over the site of Taylor James. He has step-by-step illustrations of the different photo editing stages involved in creating complex compositions. » Taylor James (see Retouching > Case Studies) I am especially fascinated by the amount of manipulation that is involved in each picture. Usually I only wonder how certain outstanding elements […]

Untouchable: HIV positive photo camera

Wayne Martin Belger (a.k.a. Boy of Blue Industries) creates pinhole cameras using various materials. His newest creation is a camera made of titanium, aluminium, copper, acryl and… HIV infected blood. It is called Untouchable. The blood is pumped through small pipelines in front of the pinhole (where other cameras have a lens) and is used […]

Decaying Mental Institutions – Fotos by Jeremy Harris

Decaying buildings make almost always fascinating photos. American photographer Jeremy Harris documented several especially depressing urban ruins. In his series "American Asylums", he shows photos of former mental institutions. I have rarely seen such beautifully crumbled rooms. The color is peeling in large patterns from the walls. Debris resides in rooms and corridors. Every now […]

Winning Photography Contests

For aspiring photographers, photography contests are an interesting way to get some exposure. Though winning them is „slightly” tricky. Usually it is not quite clear by which standards the images will be judged. Haje, member of a photo contest jury, took some time to explain in a lengthy articles which factors guide him during the […]

Rotting School Books in a Warehouse in Detroit

Deserted and slowly disintegrating buildings are always an interesting subject for photography (see also Urban Remains) . “Sweet Juniper” found an especially interesting ruin in Detroit: A decommissioned warehouse filled with rotting school books from the 80ies. One can still see the remains of the shelves which once held the books. Now, only the iron […]

Photos of Flying Bed Sheets by William Hundley

Again a simple idea with a stunning effect: William Hundley makes people jump into the air, covered in large sheets of cloth. The “models” are completely covered in cloth, so only a ghostly flowing piece of cloth remains in the photo. William developed several photo series from this idea. In some photos the sheets are […]

Panographies – Panoramas with Creative Chaos

Usually you see panoramas only as cleanly cut photos in ultra wide format (like this one for example). They are commonly created from several separate shots, but overlapping parts are removed. Not so with “panographies”. They utilize the creative chaos as distinctive element. Hard intersections are deliberate and essential. The more, the better. There is […]

Stuttgart, under the “subway” stop Mercedesstraße

A landscape of concrete and graffiti under the stop Mercedesstraße of the daylight subway in Stuttgart. It is right next to the “Cannstatter Wasen” which is Stuttgart’s Oktoberfest and should be avoided at those times… Nonetheless, I like the atmosphere of that place.

xRez – Gigapixel panoramas

Most of you probably heard of the Gigapxl Project. They produce digital images with a stunning resolution of several thousand Megapixels. The Gigapxl Project uses custom-built large format cameras, a technique quite unavailable for most people. xRez, on the other hand, specialized on producing gigapixel images without special equipment. Instead of taking one gigantic image, […]