20. June 2008

Zen Station – Using the Player’s Pulse as Controller

Zen Station

Zen Station is a game focused on relaxation. The player who is chilled the most wins.

It is an installation on which two players can play a game. Goal of the game is to win by being as relaxed as possible. During the game, pulse and blood oxygen levels of the players are measured. The player who durably has the lowest pulse wins.

At the beginning of the game, a thin line is created on the center of the playing field. This "destroyer" slowly moves towards the player with the faster pulse. Additionally, each player frequently creates "virtual life forms" (which look more like landmines to me). If the destroyer touches such a life form, it is hurled back in the opposite direction.

The overall design of Zen Station is very cool. The effects are beautiful and also have nice sound effects.

By the way, Zen Station was created using vvvv – the same software which Erik and I used to create our interactive music video installation.

» Zen Station

(via Erik)

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22. May 2008

Boxhead: Zombie Flash Game

Screenshot des Zombie-Spiels Boxhead

An now for something completely pointless: The zombie flash game Boxhead. :)

The basic principle is simple: You move a little avatar through various levels and slaughter everything. In the beginning, you only have a pistol to undo the undead. During the course of the game you gather more nifty zombie wasters. Shotgun, Uzi, grenade, gasoline barrels – everything you can use to make the zombie’s afterlife more troublesome.

The graphics are kept simple. You see the happenings in a 2d-style from above. The playing field is beautifully colored more and more read with the continuing demise of the zombies. After some time, several layers of blood and explosion craters overlay each other. :)

» Boxhead

To repeat myself: Completely pointless, but fun. ^_^

More fun with zombies

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(This article is also available in German)

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18. December 2007

Controlling Need for Speed with a Spring Horse (and a Wiimote)

Again, someone finds a creative and weird use for the Wiimote: Need for Speed, controlled with a Spring Horse.

According to the creator, it took him 10 to 15 minutes to “upgrade” the sping horse. Here the shortened short instructions:
1.Connect WiiMote to PC
2.Attach WiiMote to Spring Horse
3.Install GlovePie
4.Load joystick script included with GlovePie
5.Config controls in Need for Speed by moving the horse during key assignment

» WiiMote Horse Riders Page

See also

wiiwiiwiiwii – Using the Wiimote as Drum Kit or Piano

(via Kreativrauschen.de via Yigg)

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28. November 2007

Entropia Universe – MMOFPS with a Strange Business Model

Website von Project Entopia

I already considered it very strange when I once read that there are people earning real money with World of Warcraft by selling virtual goods from this world on eBay. Entropia Universe is even more extreme: The whole business model of this MMOFPS (Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) expects you to buy virtual goods in the virtual world of Entropia for real money.

» read on!

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27. November 2007

Move – The Physically Exhausting Computer Game Installation

Even interactive installations usually let their users stand around relatively motionless. I wonderful counter-example is Move, a kind of game which I saw at the Ars Electronica Festival 2007.

Move consists of a game field which is projected onto the floor. You stand on this field and will be animated to move in different game modes. The fundamental rule is: Avoid the red.

This is how it looks like:

(thanks, Erik, for the video)

I never played such an physically exhausting computer game in my life. After a while you are frantically panting. :) But it is so much fun, you do not want to stop. :)

If you ever get to Linz, Austria, go try it! I think Move can be played in the Ars Electronica Center even when there is currently no festival.

Another cool thing about Move is that it is firmly rooted in reality. You do not control a avatar in a virtual world with your movement, but you yourself have to escape from the red. (admittedly, even in Move you are represented by a grey shadow on the field, but the felt result is the same because there is almost no lag)

More games at the border of reality and virtuality

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9. November 2007

QuakeRunner – Quake as Physical Exercise


In Quake, you sweep around virtual avatars all the time. Probably your avatars get really healthy through the regular exercises, but yourself are becoming fat and fatter because you’re sitting in front of your computer all the time. Doesn’t that suck?

Maybe this is what Martin Faust was thinking when he created QuakeRunner. It is an interface for Quake 3 which controls character movements by your won movements like turning, jumping and running on the spot.

Unfortunately, QuakeRunner seems to be based on special tracking hardware, so you probably can’t try it yourself. That would be cool…

If I interpret the concept correctly, you could also use a Wiimote for tracking… hmmm ^_^

» QuakeRunner

You also might remember another way to get physical movements into Quake: ARQuake, which tries to implement virtual Quake monsters into the real world.

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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12. March 2007

Zombie Simulator: Zombie Infection Simulation

Zombie Infection Simulation

You never know when the next zombie epidemic will spread, so better be prepared. The first step – besides watching the obligatory documentaries – is to study the tactics of the enemy.

Zombie Infection Simulation enables you to watch the undead doing their evil deed without putting yourself in danger. Probably based on extensive scientific research, this handy java applet simulates how a handful of zombies infects a human population.

» read on!

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7. March 2007

Your brain as a game controller

Headset of Project Epoc

Once again, science attemts to step forward to fiction. Emotiv Systems wants to create a headset, which lets you control games with your thoughts and emotions.

» read on!

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29. March 2006

Burning Sand – New Version of the Falling Sand Game

Screenshot Burning Sand

Recently, “World of Sand” has developed quite some popularity. It is a game with a very simple concept: Streams of slowly falling elements can be influenced by placing barriers on the screen.

» read on!

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