8. December 2007

Sun Jar – Conserved Sunshine

Sun Jar

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could store sunlight in a preserving jar? Something like that must have wandered through Tobias Wong’s mind when he got the idea to Sun Jar.

Sun Jar is a jar which stores sun energy at day using solar cells. At night, it uses this energy to power LED lights which produce an atmospheric glow. Allegedly, the light is about as bright as a candle light. You can even place it outside, for example in the garden, because it is waterproof – just like all preservation jars.

A beautiful idea. :)

» Sun Jar

(via Kreativrauschen.de via Madvertising)

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26. May 2007

Ego Shooters with Real Pain: Trakonya Mutator

Trakonya Mutator

While politicians ins Germany are still arguing whether they should ban ego shooters all together, smart tinkerers created a painful gadget for Unreal: The Trakonya Mutator. It delivers an electric shock to the player when he takes damage in the game.

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3. April 2007

Floating MP3-Player: Music for your bath tub


JVC Japan presented an MP3-Player which floats in water. The JVC XA-AW33 (shiny name…) is waterproof and equiped with circular LED lighting for visualization effects. The manufacturer even claims that the music creates ripples in the water while playing music.

Unfortunately, the floating player can only load 256MB of music and plays music in mono. However, it’s cool! :)

Now if it was available in Europe and didn’t cost 125 Euro (~165 USD)….

(via Golem.de)

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7. March 2007

Your brain as a game controller

Headset of Project Epoc

Once again, science attemts to step forward to fiction. Emotiv Systems wants to create a headset, which lets you control games with your thoughts and emotions.

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