Elementary Zombie Survival Strategies

In times of global terrorism you can easily overlook the real danger in the world which threatens us all: Zombies.

The urgently needed information to this topic can be supplied by the important propaganda documentary “What To Do In A Zombie Attack (2006)”. It gives important instructions how a responsible citizen should behave in case of a zombie attack (and also makes an effort to demonstrate why it’s all the fault of the communists).

The movie is published under a Creative Commons licence. It is available in several download and streaming formats and can also be embedded (as above).

» What To Do In A Zombie Attack

Less multimedial, but at least equally informative is the article „How to Survive a Zombie Attack“. It suggests simple precautionary measures, shows which potential hideouts offer are strategically best, what you should do first and how you can manage survival in the long term.

» How to Survive a Zombie Attack

(via Kreativrauschen.de)