Building a Cheap Multi-Touch Whiteboard using a WiiMote and a Projector

Yet another cool thing to do with a WiiMote: Build an electronic multi-touch whiteboard. The WiiMote includes an infrared camera which can be used to track points which reflect infrared light. Johnny Chung Lee used this feature to work with self-made infrared pens on various surfaces (primarily projections): The descriptions sounds as if it should […]

Controlling Need for Speed with a Spring Horse (and a Wiimote)

Again, someone finds a creative and weird use for the Wiimote: Need for Speed, controlled with a Spring Horse. According to the creator, it took him 10 to 15 minutes to “upgrade” the sping horse. Here the shortened short instructions: 1.Connect WiiMote to PC 2.Attach WiiMote to Spring Horse 3.Install GlovePie 4.Load joystick script included […]

wiiwiiwiiwii – Using the Wiimote as Drum Kit or Piano

It’s always great to see when people take things and give them a new meaning. This time: The controller of Nintendo’s new console Wii (“Wii Remote” a.k.a. “Wiimote” with the extension “Nunchuk” – what great names) as a musical instrument including visualization. In different modes, Wiimote and Nunchuk can be used to play drums or […]