22. May 2008

Boxhead: Zombie Flash Game

Screenshot des Zombie-Spiels Boxhead

An now for something completely pointless: The zombie flash game Boxhead. :)

The basic principle is simple: You move a little avatar through various levels and slaughter everything. In the beginning, you only have a pistol to undo the undead. During the course of the game you gather more nifty zombie wasters. Shotgun, Uzi, grenade, gasoline barrels – everything you can use to make the zombie’s afterlife more troublesome.

The graphics are kept simple. You see the happenings in a 2d-style from above. The playing field is beautifully colored more and more read with the continuing demise of the zombies. After some time, several layers of blood and explosion craters overlay each other. :)

» Boxhead

To repeat myself: Completely pointless, but fun. ^_^

More fun with zombies

Zombie Simulator
Your Chances of Survival in a Zombie Attack
Movie Review: Fido (Zombie Comedy)
Elementary Zombie Survival Strategies

(This article is also available in German)

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10. February 2008

Your Chances of Survival in a Zombie Attack

You probably studied the instructions for surviving a zombie attack in detail. Maybe you even trained a little with a zombie simulator. Now it is time to put your knowledge to the test.

Fortunately, there is a sophisticated (*cough*) test for everything on the internet. Of course, there is also one for the question “What are your chances of surviving a zombie attack?”. Once you have passed this examination, you will receive a pretty certificate with which you can boast about your leet zombie skillz:

I have a 32% chance to survive a zombie attack.

Hey, I think a 32% chance of survival is not that bad for a zombie attack! :)

(The original version of this certificate is even larger. There is also a small button-sized version.)

» What Are Your Chances of Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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14. January 2008

Elementary Zombie Survival Strategies

In times of global terrorism you can easily overlook the real danger in the world which threatens us all: Zombies.

The urgently needed information to this topic can be supplied by the important propaganda documentary “What To Do In A Zombie Attack (2006)”. It gives important instructions how a responsible citizen should behave in case of a zombie attack (and also makes an effort to demonstrate why it’s all the fault of the communists).

The movie is published under a Creative Commons licence. It is available in several download and streaming formats and can also be embedded (as above).

» What To Do In A Zombie Attack

Less multimedial, but at least equally informative is the article „How to Survive a Zombie Attack“. It suggests simple precautionary measures, shows which potential hideouts offer are strategically best, what you should do first and how you can manage survival in the long term.

» How to Survive a Zombie Attack

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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6. December 2007

Movie Review: Fido (Zombie Comedy)

Filmplakat zu Fido


Their neighbors all have at least one, some even several. Only the Robinsons don’t have one, yet. Somewhen, the social pressure becomes too much for Helen Robinson (Carrie-Anne Moss) and she finally buys a Zombie for her family to help in the household.

» read on!

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12. March 2007

Zombie Simulator: Zombie Infection Simulation

Zombie Infection Simulation

You never know when the next zombie epidemic will spread, so better be prepared. The first step – besides watching the obligatory documentaries – is to study the tactics of the enemy.

Zombie Infection Simulation enables you to watch the undead doing their evil deed without putting yourself in danger. Probably based on extensive scientific research, this handy java applet simulates how a handful of zombies infects a human population.

» read on!

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