5. September 2007

Thomas Briggs’ Physically Abstract Art

“Torch #66? von Thomas Briggs

Thomas Briggs creates images by the use of mathematical functions. The results are beautiful and abstract artworks which remind me a little of fractal art (although they work differently).

My methods resemble physical simulation and data visualization from the sciences, but I turn them to my own uses. I feel that I have more complete control over what comes out of my methods than by using algorithmic or fractal mathematics. I am emulating natural forces that create patterning in the real world, such as alluvial flows, turbulation and the like. I consciously manipulate the process in ways which force the results into accumulated gestures, which at least potentially, could come from my own hand. (Thomas Briggs)

The dimensions of Thomas Briggs’ works are impressive. To show the images on the internet, he reduces the resolution by 99%. On paper – where he sells them as unicums – they are at least 1x1m big.

[..] the actual line weight is equivalent to that of a 0.2 – 0.3 millimeter pen nib, yet the large scale structure holds up when seen from a distance. This disparity of scale is an essential element of the experience of the works.

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12. March 2007

Zombie Simulator: Zombie Infection Simulation

Zombie Infection Simulation

You never know when the next zombie epidemic will spread, so better be prepared. The first step – besides watching the obligatory documentaries – is to study the tactics of the enemy.

Zombie Infection Simulation enables you to watch the undead doing their evil deed without putting yourself in danger. Probably based on extensive scientific research, this handy java applet simulates how a handful of zombies infects a human population.

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