3. February 2008

Making Money – The 36th Discworld Novel by Terry Pratchett (Book Review)

Terry Pratchett - Making Money

I recently finished reading the latest book by Terry Pratchett, Making Money. “As usual”, it is a story from the Discworld series.


Central character is Moist von Lipwig (his second appearance after “Going Postal”). He is – not quite voluntarily – put in charge of the Ankh-Morpok Royal Mint and the associated bank. Soon he finds himself in the crossfire between bloodthirsty relatives of the former chairman, neurotic employees and last but not least the madness of economy.


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28. November 2007

Entropia Universe – MMOFPS with a Strange Business Model

Website von Project Entopia

I already considered it very strange when I once read that there are people earning real money with World of Warcraft by selling virtual goods from this world on eBay. Entropia Universe is even more extreme: The whole business model of this MMOFPS (Massive Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter) expects you to buy virtual goods in the virtual world of Entropia for real money.

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7. November 2007

Last.fm MoneyCalc – How Valuable is Your Music Collection?

Last.fm MoneyCalc

Yet another toy for Last.fm: MoneyCalc.

Using data from Last.fm and Amazon, MoneyCalc tries to figure out how much it would cost to buy the top 50 records of your Last.fm profile. For each record the price at Amazon is queried. The result is presented in a list which shows each single price as well as the final sum.

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3. August 2006

What Affects Prices on Internet Auctions


Obviously, prices of internet auctions depend heavily on what is offered and how much demand exists for this particular good. These are basic rules of market economy, but there are also specific rules for internet auctions:

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