MoneyCalc – How Valuable is Your Music Collection? MoneyCalc

Yet another toy for MoneyCalc.

Using data from and Amazon, MoneyCalc tries to figure out how much it would cost to buy the top 50 records of your profile. For each record the price at Amazon is queried. The result is presented in a list which shows each single price as well as the final sum.

According to MoneyCalc, my top 50 albums would cost 938$. ^_^ (it couldn’t find the price for 10 albums, though). My most expensive record is Megaherz’s “5”, costing 96,99$.

The system is not quite perfect, of course. In my results, there is one album which I don’t remember listening to. I also generally don’t recognize these top 50. My all-time-top-50 look different and also the other time spans which you can choose at the website are not really the same as this list. Strange…

Anyway, this tool is more entertainment than serious statistics. Entertaining it is indeed. ^_^

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