20. June 2008

Unpacking the Red One

A Red One with accessoires - stuffed into three large shipping boxes

In case you always wondered how a 35’000 dollar camera is shipped, here’s an interesting article by Mike Curtis. Mike has recently bought a Red One and documented the unpacking process a little. :)

What he is unwrapping there is the Red One number 417 with a bunch of accessoiries. Worth about 35k$. He believes that one could manage with less accessoiries and get away with just 25-30k$.

The central message of the article: This is a whole lot of stuff in a whole lot of packaging. Better schedule a lot of time for the process. :)

» Red One Unboxing – Part 1

The report has over five pages and doesn’t even reach a completely assembled Red One. :) I’m curious for the sequel…

(via EXTReeeME.Org)

(This article is also available in German)

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3. August 2006

What Affects Prices on Internet Auctions


Obviously, prices of internet auctions depend heavily on what is offered and how much demand exists for this particular good. These are basic rules of market economy, but there are also specific rules for internet auctions:

» read on!

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