Move – The Physically Exhausting Computer Game Installation

Even interactive installations usually let their users stand around relatively motionless. I wonderful counter-example is Move, a kind of game which I saw at the Ars Electronica Festival 2007.

Move consists of a game field which is projected onto the floor. You stand on this field and will be animated to move in different game modes. The fundamental rule is: Avoid the red.

This is how it looks like:

(thanks, Erik, for the video)

I never played such an physically exhausting computer game in my life. After a while you are frantically panting. 🙂 But it is so much fun, you do not want to stop. 🙂

If you ever get to Linz, Austria, go try it! I think Move can be played in the Ars Electronica Center even when there is currently no festival.

Another cool thing about Move is that it is firmly rooted in reality. You do not control a avatar in a virtual world with your movement, but you yourself have to escape from the red. (admittedly, even in Move you are represented by a grey shadow on the field, but the felt result is the same because there is almost no lag)

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