Effective Time Management Skills

Our private and professional lives have become so fast-paced that effective time management skills are almost a requirement. Without them, you are under constant threat of being overwhelmed. With them, you are in control. So what are they?

My latest article from the time management series for Focality goes into detail. What are these skills? What are their benefits?

> Time Management Skills

If you want a little spoiler, these are the skills:

  • Prioritization: Bringing order into the endless stream of tasks and activities that scream for our attention. Finding and executing those tasks that have the most effect.
  • Planning / Scheduling: Evolving from “living in the moment” to forming your life strategically. Developing a plan to achieve your goals instead of just reacting to things that happen to you.
  • Focusing: Tuning out the many distractions of modern life. Bringing your full attention to the task at hand instead of becoming scatter-brained.
  • Delegating / Asking for help: Realizing that you are not alone and making the most of the support that you can get.

What about you? What time management skills do you value the most? Which ones are the hardest to master? Share your thoughts in the comments or let me know!

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