Personal Time Management Tools

What tools make you more productive? What do you need to take your personal time management skills to the next level? I have written a new article (for my project Focality) that lists and explains the various types of time management tools.

Here are the main categories that the article goes into:

  • Task Managers: Organizing, planning, and scheduling of tasks.
  • Focus Timers: Simple timers that you set to help you focus.
  • Distraction Blockers: Tools to block unwanted inputs (notifications, certain websites, …) that would distract you from your task.
  • Time Trackers: Measuring the time that you spend on activities to improve your planning.
  • Calendars: Scheduling events and tasks.
  • Habit Trackers: Track how consistent you are in performing recurring tasks and motivate you to stick to them.
  • Self-Reflection Tools: Frequently take a step back, inspect your approach and find improvements.

> Time Management Tools

What about you? What time management tools do you use? I’m always eager to know what productivity systems have been proven in practice. 😉 Let me know.

And if you feel that your personal time management tool is still lacking, take a look at the time management app that I created. It combines task management and self-reflection (and a bit of habit tracking) in one app.