Social News On-Demand (SNOD) – WordPress Plugin

I finally wrote my first WordPress plugin: Social News On-Demand (or just SNOD). It displays buttons of social news sites only for visitors who come from those sites.

What’s it doing exactly?

Most if not all social news services like Digg or Reddit offer cute little JavaScript buttons which site owners can include on their own pages. Using those buttons, users can vote for an article directly on this article’s page.

This is a cool feature in theory, but not everyone is using those services. If you include such buttons on your site, you will most likely unnecessarily bug a lot of innocent visitors with them. That’s why I rarely used such buttons on my sites.

SNOD is a plugin which includes these buttons only for users who come from a social news site. If someone comes via Digg to an article, he/she will see a Digg button. If someone comes from Propeller, there will be a Propeller button, etc…

Supported social news sites

Configuration / Customization

SNOD is so primitive simpel that it doesn’t need any options. The adequate button is just inserted above the article text.

Advanced users can change the appearance with CSS a little. Each button is embedded in a DIV tag with the class “snod_button”.

Here is one example to let the article text float around the button:

div.snod_button {
margin-right: 15px;


» Social News On-Demand v.1.0.0


Download, unzip, copy to your WordPress plugins directory, activate. Do I need to explain more? 🙂


This plugin is so simple that I can hardly imagine any problems at all. However, you can only use it at your own risk. Should the plugin destroy your weblog, eat your cat or do any other damage, I am not responsible.