bbPress compatibility plugin for TinyMCE

I’m currently using the WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE with bbPress for a project. Unfortunately, bbPress doesn’t like it when it gets <p> tags through TinyMCE and therefore messes up the post. I have written an (extremely) simple plugin for TinyMCE which transforms <p>s into double linebreaks before posting therefore preserving compatibility. <br />s are transformed into […]

Rain Effects with Plugins for After Effects and Automated Rotoscoping

Rain in movies is always a tricky thing. Natural rain is so subtle that it is hardly noticable in the picture. It is also usually not available on command and one has to worry about drowning the expensive equipment. Therefore, natural rain is usually substituted by large raining devices which create especially large streams of […]

Social News On-Demand (SNOD) – WordPress Plugin

I finally wrote my first WordPress plugin: Social News On-Demand (or just SNOD). It displays buttons of social news sites only for visitors who come from those sites. What’s it doing exactly? Most if not all social news services like Digg or Reddit offer cute little JavaScript buttons which site owners can include on their […]