6. August 2006

Discover New Music That You Love (or at least like)

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Searching for music

Music is great. Music is manifold. Everyone has his own taste of music. What is loved by one might be refused by the next.

These different preferences make it pretty difficult to find new great music. The spectrum is – fortunately – large, but finding the music that appeals to you personally turns out to be like the search for the needle in the haystack.

Several internet services have lined up to help easing your search – time to give you an overview of the most important services of their kind.

Gnoosic – Gnod’s World of Music


„Even if you don’t know what you are looking for – gnod will find it.“

Gnod principle is simple: Tell it three of your favorite artists. It then recommends more artists that you might like as well.

Each of those recommendations you can rate: You like it, you don’t, or you don’t know it yet.

These ratings feed Gnod’s database. When you entered the first three artists, Gnod compared it to the datasets of other users, found the ones who liked the same artists and recommended more items from their dataset to you.

A recommendation from Gnod

For many bands, Gnod can also create a music map. The chosen band is placed in the center and all similar bands hover around it (using JavaScript). You can then click on a hovering band to get a map with this band in the center. This way, you can explore the musical universe by jumping from band to band.

Of all systems presented in this article, Gnod is the easiest to use. There is no registration and no special software. You just fill three fields in a web form and off you go. No other service is that simple and quick-starting.

Despite the simpleness, the results aren’t bad. The downside of the simpleness is that you can’t start listening to your recommendations right away. You have to find sources for the music by yourself.

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  1. Great blog! I’ve added a link to your blog on Blog of the Day under the category of Music. To view the feature of your blog, please visit http://blogoftheday.org/page/111848

    Comment by Rob — 7. August 2006 @ 1:56

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  3. These are some fantastic resources! We’re all looking for a way to have more control over what we want to listen to rather than submitting to what the RIAA wants us to buy this week.

    Another you might want to check out is our independent music site at skypiecesradio.com . We post two videos and one music podcast from independent and unsigned artists each week. Instead of just some “pile” of songs that you are expected to sift through yourself, we really filter out all the junk and post great stuff.

    Not trying to just shill for our site, but it really sounds like it would fit well with the other resources you list. Drop me a line and tell me what you think.

    Comment by Mike Tuttle — 16. March 2007 @ 4:08

  4. I’ve used Pandora before. In fact I use it quite often.

    The others I wasn’t too familiar with so thanks for the info.

    Comment by David Airey — 16. March 2007 @ 13:59

  5. Great!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Mudit Rustagi — 19. April 2008 @ 15:10

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