Conclusion « Discovering Music That You Love (6/6)

Besides all this fancy new technology, you should not forget those primitive methods to find great new music. You can still ask friends for recommendations, listen in your record store to an unknown CD because it has an interesting name or simply looks pretty. The success rates of these “analog” techniques are surprisingly high.

Personally, I prefer from all the internet solutions I have presented above. It has a broad spectrum of music that you can listen to directly. It also can – unlike Pandora – recommend music which isn’t available on its radio. The community is fun as well.

Pandora doesn’t give me enough benefits compared to to use it regularly.

In earlier days I used Gnoosic, but now I find it tiring to search sources for the recommended music. However, kudos to Gnoosic – you have pioneered music recommendations long before the other systems even existed. I also prefer Gnod’s music map to liveplasma because in my music genres it seems to have the broader knowledge.

I still use iRATE sometimes to discover music far beyond mainstream. You can’t beat iRATE in that, even though the “noise” is a bit higher.

After all, it is not important which system you use. It is important that you find a way to keep and nurture your musical variety. So have fun discovering new music and beware the mainstream! 🙂

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