Your Brain Needs a Swapfile

A Swap File for Your Brain

Our brains are powerful machines, capable of things that computer engineers are still dreaming of. But just like those primitive computers, our brains need swapfiles.

We have a huge longtime storage, but our active ressources are limited. Each plan, each appointment, each “I must remember to do X” eats up those resources. The more stuff we have to keep active, the less capacity we have to concentrate on what is important right now.

You probably know this this feeling of a loaded consciousness. Remember the last time you were going to run out of toilet paper. “I have to buy toilet paper next time I go to the store. I have to buy toilet paper. What else did I want to buy? I have to buy toilet paper, I have to buy oil, I have to buy bread. Didn’t I forget something?”

Just imagine you had a simple tobuy-list. Peace of mind.

Monitor your thoughts for a while. How often do you think of something just to keep it in your brain; to save it from being forgotten? Often. All this brain power – wasted.

That’s why Fate™ gave us organizers and notebooks (yes, the analog ones). If you have something that presents a weight on your consciousness, write it down.

Sounds too simple to write a lengthy article about? It is simple indeed, but still many people don’t use these simple helpers. The trick is so simple that it is easily forgotten. So train yourself to write things down. It isn’t much of a hassle. Your swapfile does not need to look beautiful, it just has to keep your brain free.

It pays off. You will save more ideas from being forgotten and you will feel more relieved.