3. August 2006

What Affects Prices on Internet Auctions


Obviously, prices of internet auctions depend heavily on what is offered and how much demand exists for this particular good. These are basic rules of market economy, but there are also specific rules for internet auctions:

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14. June 2006

Optical Illusion: Colourful Black and White Image

Human perception is a fascinating thing to fool around with. There are numerous illusions which make you see things that are not really there (without using hallucinogenic drugs).

One of the most intriguing optical illusions is the colourful black and white image.

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Keywords: bwcoloureyeillusionopticalPhotoshop

23. May 2006

130 filesharer homes raided in Germany

Today, 130 homes have been raided in Germany under the allegation of filesharing. Law enforcement agencies had been monitoring an eDonkey-Server for two months. 3500 identified users are being investigated. Searches took place when users shared more than 500 files.

Partners of the music industry helped identifying copyrighted material, but monitoring of the servers was solely done by law enforcement.

More details in German can be found at heise online (google translation).

Keywords: copyrighteDonkeyeMulefilesharinglawraid

6. May 2006

Review: Elementarteilchen

Michael Djerzinski (Christian Ulmen) is more than introverted. He is a scientific genious, but apparently unable to enjoy life or at least laugh sometimes. When his canary dies, he instantly drops him into the trash without hesitation. Reasonable… what else should he do?

In contrast, his half-brother Bruno Klement (Moritz Bleibtreu) succumbs to the attraction of one of his female students, writes discriminating literature in his spare time and calms his baby with tranquilizers. After his approach to the student is dramatically rejected, he ultimately becomes a human wreck.

“Elementarteilchen” tells the story of those two brothers, their history and their relationships. Basically every character in this movie is mentally disordered. Everyone, really. This sickness is what makes the movie interesting.

Unfortunately Bruno’s story is so sick that watching those parts isn’t really entertaining, but painful. The rest of “Elementarteilchen” moves between beautiful, beautifully sick and boring. “Elementarteilchen” is not a movie that one must have seen, but you won’t regret it either…


Keywords: cinemadramamoviereviewromance

29. March 2006

Burning Sand – New Version of the Falling Sand Game

Screenshot Burning Sand

Recently, “World of Sand” has developed quite some popularity. It is a game with a very simple concept: Streams of slowly falling elements can be influenced by placing barriers on the screen.

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Keywords: distractionelementsfallingfiregamesand

8. March 2006

Does popular music appear to be better?

There is some kind of self-fulfilling prophecy behind the success of popular music.

Popular music gets more attention. More people talk about it, it is played more often and is listed in charts. All this means free advertising. More people get in contact with popular music, so more people who might like it get to know about it, so it gets even more popular. But that does not seem to be all.

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Keywords: mainstreammusicpoppopularitysciencestudysuccess

6. March 2006

Deine Lakaien – Acoustic (music review)

A good pianist and a good singer – that’s all you need to make really good music.

Such a outstanding pianist (Ernst Horn) and a singer with a wonderful deep voice (Alexander) are “Deine Lakaien”. Usually, their music has a strong electronic touch, but there also is an unplugged album called “Acoustic”. No matter if electronic or acoustic, the music of Deine Lakaien is always unusual and dark.

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