Blogging is Education


By reading weblogs, you can learn stuff. So can you by reading other articles online, that’s not particularly surprising. What is special about weblogs is that you can also learn by writing articles.

Unless you are writing a stupid copycat article, writing an article requires quite a mental effort. To write a good article, you obviously have to understand what you are talking about. It requires a deeper understanding, because you have to transform your knowledge so that others can understand what you are talking about as well.

Generally, writing a blog article forces you to think a lot about your topic. Many might know this phenomenon from university. You often learn more when you have to write a paper about a topic than when you simply attain to the lectures.

So next time you want to learn something, why don’t you write an article about it? 🙂

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Just use the resources you got (internet, etc…) and learn about it. You can then write articles about your findings. Maybe some of your readers will even help you and show you additional sources.

Just don’t forget to be honest about your knowledge. Trust is important.

Hi, i’m a blog-newbie and i was on problogger and saw your comment. i too, am “learning as i blog” and i sometimes find it difficult to write about something i’m not too familiar with.
In emails to friends, i can be really creative (writing is my thing), yet when i try to apply this same “conversational/witty” writing to my blog, i can’t seem to get started and my entries are starting to look over-planned, monotononous and even a little boring….
what would you suggest to break the writer’s block and the monotony?

Don’t stress yourself. If you don’t know what to write, just don’t write. Unless you are under some kind of contract, there is no necessity to write. I had several “blogging breaks” in the past, and my readers did not instantly run away. Take your time.

Ideas for articles will come over time, probably when you least expect them. Just make sure you don’t forget them. 🙂 (see also “Your Brain Needs a Swapfile“)

As for the monotony… training helps. The more you blog, the easier it will appear to yourself and I believe the monotony will just disappear by itself.

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