20. June 2008

Unpacking the Red One

A Red One with accessoires - stuffed into three large shipping boxes

In case you always wondered how a 35’000 dollar camera is shipped, here’s an interesting article by Mike Curtis. Mike has recently bought a Red One and documented the unpacking process a little. :)

What he is unwrapping there is the Red One number 417 with a bunch of accessoiries. Worth about 35k$. He believes that one could manage with less accessoiries and get away with just 25-30k$.

The central message of the article: This is a whole lot of stuff in a whole lot of packaging. Better schedule a lot of time for the process. :)

» Red One Unboxing – Part 1

The report has over five pages and doesn’t even reach a completely assembled Red One. :) I’m curious for the sequel…

(via EXTReeeME.Org)

(This article is also available in German)

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