Incandescent Light Bulb Scultpures by Dylan Kehde Roelofs

Light Bulb Sculptures by Dylan Kehde Roelofs

Artist Dylan Kehde Roelofs responds to the „soulless glow of low-energy bulbs“ with a series of self-made light bulbs and lamps.

These artworks are fully fledged lamps which indeed do give off light. Dylan doesn’t specify the life span of such a bulb, but he claims that his testing lamps are already glowing for 2500 hours. The price of these art lamps ranges from about 130 Euros to 870 Euros. Once burnt out, the filament can be replaced – for a fee.

I like these incandescent lamps. The style is beautifully steampunk’ish They would also fit very well in a Firefly set. ^_^

» The Incandescent Sculpture of Dylan Kehde Roelofs

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I like it. Would work pretty good as a decortive night light also.

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