Music Matching your Running Speed or Heartbeat: Yamaha BodiBeat

Yamaha BodiBeat

Yamaha released a mp3 player which automatically chooses songs which match your current activity. It is called BodiBeat or more plainly BF-1.

Using a accelerometer the player tries to determine the current running rhythm. It then automatically chooses the music best matching this rhythm.

In another mode, it monitors the heartbeat of the listener using an ear clip (stylish… yuk). If the pulse becomes slower than the optimal training pulse, BodiBeat plays faster music. If the heartbeat accelerates too much, it plays slower music.

Alternatively Yamaha’s BodiBeat can also be used as a plain simple mp3 player. ^_^

I’m not really a jogging person, so this toy is not for me. However, I’m very curious how well this will work. Yamaha claims that the player can even switch mid-song to something with a more approptiate speed – I can hardly imagine how this can be done smoothly.

Nevertheless, I think the idea is pretty cool. 🙂

» Yahama BodiBeat

(via Boing Boing via OhGizmo! via The Red Ferret Journal)

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