Red’s 5k Camera: Red Epic

Red Epic

Besides announcing the Red Scarlet, Red also announced a 5k camera called Red Epic. Again, a fascinating announcement. As far as I know there is no digital camera, yet, that can record in 5k resolution.

To put things in perspective, here a comparison of different resolutions, taken from a Red leaflet:

Red Comparison Chart

The small rectangle in the lower right is the common TV resolution. 720p, the next level, is what Erik and I are currently using for a project. The dark gray rectangle is full HD resolution, the highest resolution of the new TV standard and also the resolution that most other current digital movie cameras are recording in. 2k, sharp above full HD, is what most current digital cinema projectors can handle. 2k-3k is what most ordinary analog films have in the local cinema.

To see a movie in 5k, you probably would have to visit a film festival and hope to see a especially good copy (film festivals are usually supplied with better copies than normal theatres).

In short: A 5k camera is pretty impressive. 🙂

Here a few specifications:

  • Full Frame S35mm new Mysterium X Sensor
  • 1-100 FPS
  • Up to 100MB/s recording to Redflash
  • Full size dual link HD-SDI, 2 XLR audio inputs and HDMI
  • Wi-Fi control
  • Firewire 800 and USB2
  • compatible with most Red One accessories
  • fully upgradable sensor, body, boards and mount

As usual: Specifications are subject to change.

The price is rumoured to be around 40’000 dollars. That’s quite a lot, but compared to many other digital movie cameras with only a fraction of the resolution still very cheap.

» Red Epic Website
» another, more extensive article about the Red Epic

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