Survey: Surveillance cameras in Berlin’s subway are ineffective

In 2006, a pilot project was started to install surveillance cameras in several routes of Berlin’s subway. One condition of the project was that it had to be evaluated. The disillusioning intermediary result:

A change of crime rates due to the introduction of video surveillance does not become apparent. A significant effect on the security in Berlin’s subway is not to be expected.
(Page 6 of the report, translated by me)

Curiously, the operating company reacted on these results not by stopping the surveillance, but by stopping the evaluation. They announced to expande the surveillance to all 170 subway stations in Berlin.

Their argument is that this kind of evaluation is not fit to verify an improvement of objective security for their customers with the currently rising crime rate in public transport.

How good to see that surveillance projects are handled to responsibly… *sigh*

Source: Humanistische Union – Videoüberwachung in den U-Bahnen bringt keinen Sicherheitsgewinn (German)

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