German Bundestag Decides to Implement Data Retention

Starting next year, all communication providers in Germany will have to store all connection data for six months.

This includes:

  • Phone calls: Date, time, length and involved numbers of all phone calls (landline, mobile or VoIP)
  • In case of mobile phones additionally the location of the phone at the time of the call, the IMSI code of the phone and SMS connection data
  • Internet access: IP address, date, time and length of the connection, and the line which was used. (to be clear: not each individual ip connection. Only date and time of your connection to the internet and which ip you were using)
  • E-mail: e-mail-addresses involved and the header of each e-mail

The content of the communications is not stored.

The bill had been heavily criticized. Privacy advocates had organized demonstrations agains the bill in all major German cities at the beginning of this week. In October there had already been a large domonstration with thousands of participants in Germany’s capital Berlin.

All opposition parties voted against the bill. Several members of the opposition and several hundred private protesters announced a constitutional complaint.

This sucks…

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11 replies on “German Bundestag Decides to Implement Data Retention”

So does this mean that they would have to record every connection inbound also ??

lets do a full connection portscan on EVERY ip in the country .. and see how much hard drive space we can take up ..

jack: No, fortunately they are not that crazy.

They only log when you connect yourself to the internet and which ip you are using then.

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