Jamming on the Internet: eJamming AUDiiO

eJamming AUDiiO

The Internet opened many new beautiful ways of communication, many of them even in real time. Unfortunately, Internet connections have always had a latency that has been too high to allow musicians to play across the globe. The small delays which appear on every net connection are a massive problem for musical applications.

Now, another project takes the challenge to create a global rehearsal room. eJamming AUDiiO claims to have overcome the latency with smart algorithms.

I did not test this software myself, but I do not believe that they have really overcome the delays. I have yet to see an Internet connection which has a latency low enough to jam together. Online gamers probably know the difficulty of Internet latency. I guess this basic latency is still present even with eJamming AUDiiO, but they probably try to make it not matter anymore.

Digging around on their website shows that my guess is not completely unfounded:

You MUST hear your own music with the slight delay eJamming AUDiiO imposes on everybody’s music to keep you all in sync.

So basically, the software delays everything, even your own sound, to keep all players in sync. This is probably a little difficult to get used to, but seems like a promising approach.

Currently, eJamming AUDiiO is still in a beta phase and free of charge. It is expected to cost about 10-15 Euros per month when it finally launches, probably in July.

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(via Gitarreninstitut Kassel via Kreativrauschen)