Ego Shooters with Real Pain: Trakonya Mutator

Trakonya Mutator

While politicians ins Germany are still arguing whether they should ban ego shooters all together, smart tinkerers created a painful gadget for Unreal: The Trakonya Mutator. It delivers an electric shock to the player when he takes damage in the game.

The device is connected via USB and delivers the shock through an armlet. You can choose how strong and long the shock shall be.

Despite the shocking effect, only very small currents are delivered through the gadget. The producers claim (!) that the current is not dangerous, but it should not be used by people with heart problems or who are dependent on medical devices. It is also not recommended to use Trakonya Mutator for more than 10 minutes.

Currently, Trakonya Mutator works for Unreal, Unreal Tournament 2003 and 2004. Support for the Half Life engine has been announced.

Trakonya Mutator’s website doesn’t exactly look like the shocking device has undergone extensive medical testing. I do not know whether one should trust this thing… 🙂

» Trakonya Mutator

(via Hack a Day)