Never oversleep your alarm clock again

When people oversleep, there is one popular cause: They turn off their alarm clock and doze off again. Since the invention of the snooze button, many people also tend to keep snoozing for hours. 🙂

To escape this fate, I usually place a second alarm clock at the other end of my room. That forces me to get up and silence it. But there’s also a more geeky way to be forced to leave your bed: Clocky®.

Clocky - Der fiese Wecker

This evil alarm clock doesn’t just sit still when it beeps. If you ignore it, it runs away. You can even place it on your nightstand so that it falls off and maybe crawls under your bed – followed by you, half asleep and half swearing.

The price of Clocky is unknown to me. I think I’ll stick to my cheap but also cruel solution with the alarm clock on the other end of the room… 🙂