Strandbeest – wind powered “artificial life-form”

Strandbeest - Wind powered artificial life

Theao Jansen builds artificial creatures, which can move with the wind. He calls his creation “Strandbeest“.

Those beests combine an artistic beauty with technological fascination. Despite their size and complex structure, they move with such ease that they appear kinda surreal. Don’t miss the videos on the Sandbeest site.

The newest specimen of Sandbeests can even be used as a means of transportation. Animaris Rhinoceros Transport is 4,70m high and includes a cabin for human passengers. Unfortunately, you have to wait for strong wind to blow in the right direction to travel in this monster…

Also nice is the artist’s attitude towards his creation. He calls the Sandbeests a new life-form.

Eventualy he wants to put these animals out in herds on the beaches, so they will live their own lives.

(via TED blog)