Burning Sand – New Version of the Falling Sand Game

Screenshot Burning Sand

Recently, “World of Sand” has developed quite some popularity. It is a game with a very simple concept: Streams of slowly falling elements can be influenced by placing barriers on the screen.

All graphics are merely pixel streams, nothing sophisticated. Some elements can interact with each other. Vegetation and oil can burn, water lets vegatation grow. Simple. It’s probably this simplicity which lead to the success of “World of Sand”.

Now, Max Nagl created a new version called “Burning Sand“. It adds a few new features to the original concept:

  • more interaction between elements (e.g. fire can evaporate water)
  • gas elements
  • different “brushes”
  • new ways to set fire (e.g. wood and rockets)
  • tiltable field
  • saving and loading
  • probably more

Unfortunately, there is only a windows version available, but it works fine on Linux using Wine.

Have fun with “Burning Sand” and don’t let it distract you from something important! ^_^

36 replies on “Burning Sand – New Version of the Falling Sand Game”

This is a wonderful game you could add more stuff such as people and have more stuff you could mix like sugar and water and you could put caramel if you burned the sugar and it could work as a flammable substance that would be awesome if you could do that.

Where do you find good life ,of course in the games .beause in the real life ,we have many distresses and pain, only in the games if we have enough gold to buy the good arms,and we can play the games well ๐Ÿ™‚

hehe i love all falling sand games and i am a veteran of the all but this one caps it all of!! i wish there were zombies in it tho… *dreams about putting parasites on ppl*

hey is there a mac download for this game because it is my favorite game and if there is can someone send me the link on my email

can some1 tell me if i can play dis game without downloading it??? im on my aunts computer and i cant download it…

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