My Samsung SyncMaster 226bw (Test / Review)

» Deutsch   I have finally got a new monitor! After sending back my Samsung SyncMaster 245b because it was too noisy, I now got a Samsung SyncMaster 226bw. First of all a few facts: Screen size: 22“ Connections: VGA and DVI Speakers: No USB-Hub: No Resolution: 1.680 x 1.050

My Samsung SyncMaster 245b (Review / Test)

» Deutsch Recently, I bought a new monitor: A Samsung SyncMaster 245b. The screen size measures impressive 24 inches. Yeah! ^_^ First of all, a few facts: Screen size: 24″ Resolution: 1920×1200 Panel technology: TN Connections: VGA, DVI Energy consumption: max. 100W Standby: max. 2W USB ports: no Integrated speakers: no (fortunately!) My first impression […]