26. March 2008

My Samsung SyncMaster 226bw (Test / Review)

 The Samsung SyncMaster 226bw at my desktop

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I have finally got a new monitor! After sending back my Samsung SyncMaster 245b because it was too noisy, I now got a Samsung SyncMaster 226bw.

First of all a few facts:

Screen size: 22“
Connections: VGA and DVI
Speakers: No
USB-Hub: No
Resolution: 1.680 x 1.050

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18. November 2007

My Samsung SyncMaster 245b (Review / Test)

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Samsung SyncMaster 245b on my desktop

Recently, I bought a new monitor: A Samsung SyncMaster 245b. The screen size measures impressive 24 inches. Yeah! ^_^

First of all, a few facts:

Screen size: 24″
Resolution: 1920×1200
Panel technology: TN
Connections: VGA, DVI
Energy consumption: max. 100W
Standby: max. 2W
USB ports: no
Integrated speakers: no (fortunately!)

My first impression was more or less “wow”. :) The monitor is big, matt black and easy to put into operation. The monitor comes completely assembled with the stand attached, you can just put it on your desk and turn it on. It’s foolproof: Attach your VGA or DVI cable and push the big button. There’s nothing to be configured (unless you want to).

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