Photoshop Tutorial: Painting Textures for 3D-Models

In the world of computer generated imagery, textures are… kinda important. 🙂 Painting good texture is an art by itself.

Plantimals – Merging plants and animals

Creating hybrids between plants and animal was the task of a contest at Of course, the contestants were not supposed to interbreed real animals and plants, but to create deluding images with the help of modern image processing software like Photoshop. The results are beautifully weird, although not all of them are as cruel […]

Optical Illusion: Colourful Black and White Image

Human perception is a fascinating thing to fool around with. There are numerous illusions which make you see things that are not really there (without using hallucinogenic drugs). One of the most intriguing optical illusions is the colourful black and white image.