Atmospheric Railroad Photos by Kevin Scanlon

Eisenbahnromantik von Kevin Scanlon

I stumbled over a beautiful photo set by Kevin Scanlon. Bearing the simple title “Railroad” it shows diverse impressions of railroad scenery.

I’m not particularly drawn to railroads, but these photos are really beautiful. Especially the numerous shots with backlight produce a wonderful atmosphere.

» “Railroad” by Kevin Scanlon

Why Kevin Scanlon presents such beautiful images on such a not beautiful website is beyond my comprehension, though. 🙂

2 replies on “Atmospheric Railroad Photos by Kevin Scanlon”

Hi, some of the images really look awesome, however I do not like everything.

Maybe it’s just my opinion, but the blur in looks a bit strange, the trees are neither really sharp nor really blurred. Maybe the problem is also the light, because the trees are not really black (I think it would look better if the trees were darker).
Light here looks really cool, but the sky is a bit white. I don’t know if it is possible to keep the light rays at the church and get a blue sky. Possibly you should visit that place again when sun is shining and there are some (not too many) clouds.
The green here looks a bit strange, I am not sure. Maybe it is good like this, because otherwise the trees would look to healthy in the background of this old train station.

Just my thoughts and only about the things that seemed odd to me. The rest of the images looks cool 🙂

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