Switzerland invades Liechtenstein

Swiss infantry soldiers invaded Liechtenstein.

Although Switzerland isn’t exactly known for its aggressive expansion strategy, 170 soldiers recently crossed the border to Liechtenstein. Accidentally.

Apparently, the soldiers lost their way and wandered more than a kilometer into Liechtenstein. Considering Liechtenstein’s maximum width of 12,3 kilometers, they were well into the country. *g*

They immediately headed back to Switzerland after noticing their mistake without being spotted. Officials sent their apologies, so Liechtenstein abstained from any retaliation. ^_^

British invasion in Spain 5 years ago

5 years agho, a unit of heavily armed British Royal Marines demonstrated similarily well adjusted orientation by invading a Spanish beach. They stormed the beach near La Linea from a landing craft and set up defending positions.

The landing primarily confused local fishermen. Finally, local police informed the marines that they are not on Gibraltar, where they were supposed to held this exercice.

The marines beat a hasty retreat and went off to find the real Gibraltar. This, locals observed, was easily recognizable because it had a 1,398ft high rock sticking out of it.

The incident was particularly embarrassing, because Britain and Spain are historically quarreling over Gibraltar for about 300 years now.


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(via Fefe)