Dave - The Interactive Music Video Installation

The following material can be used freely in reports about Dave or the persons involved.

Photos of the installation

Panorama of the Installation
JPEG; 4,43MB

Erik vor der Installation
JPEG; 1,67MB

Installation mit Publikum
JPEG; 2,28MB

Installation mit Publikum
JPEG; 1,59MB

Eines der Interaktionselemente
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Video footage

On demand.

The creators

Florian Sander (www.kreativrauschen.com) and Erik Schneider (www.serik.de) are currently studying "Medienautor" (Master of Arts) at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart, Germany. Both graduated from Furtwangen University with a Diplom (FH) degree.

Florian Sander is always in search of new medial concepts. He is an allrounder both as student as well as freelancer. Photos, videos and texts for the on and offline world are his main fields of activity.

Erik Schneider is interested in moving pictures in interactive and non interactive contexts. Besides his many visual activities for example as director, VJ and photographer, he is working as online journalist. Furthermore he is writing stories and developing media concepts.

Together they are an experienced team which has realized many projects. Especially with their different perceptions of different media they are complement one another perfectly.

The band Siambok (www.siambok.de) was founded in 2002 and consists of Julian Schädler (vocals), Philipp Geigis (guitar), Holger Hechtle (drums) and Claus-Peter Bensch (bass). In 2005, they released their first Album "Despeinando".
Siambok make Poprock with many excursions and influences from the "Stone Temple Pilots" over "Silverchar" to "Tower of Power". Their strength lies in their versatility. Another reason why they were so suited for creating the musical part of the installation by uniting many different styles in one song.