Music Intersector

I created this tool more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, it is no longer operational. If there is a good replacement, please let me know.

Listening to music is great! Listening to music together is even greater. But which artists do you ideally listen to together?

People have been recording their musical tastes with Audioscrobbler and Last.FM for some time now. Using a plugin for all popular audio players, audioscrobbler produces detailed statistics about the music that each user is listening.

The following tool uses this database to find matches in the musical taste of several users. It compares the 50 artists which are most popular among each of the users. Then it outputs a list of those artists, who are popular among all users.

Note: Unless the users do not have very similar tastes in music, the number of results will decline very rapidly the more users you enter.

Let’s go

Just enter at least two usernames in the fields below (empty fields are ignored) and click on “compare”.

By the way, my username is gquann (just in case you need another user for testing).

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