Tesla Coil Music – A Rather Dangerous Musical Instrument

Whoever considered the dot matrix printer a strange musical instrument, take a look at this tesla coil:

27 Crazy Conspiracy Theories

A blogger created a beautiful list of 27 totally absurd conspiracy theories. Obviously, these theories are pointless, but quite fun to read. πŸ™‚ These are my favorites:

Making Music with a Dot Matrix Printer

Any given thing will sooner or later be used as musical instrument. Even dot matrix printers, you ask? Even dot matrix printers. Paul Slocum hacked the firmware of his 1985 dot matrix printer to let it print in different frequencies.

Inversion – A House Installation

In 2005, the american sculptors Dan Havel and Dean Ruck built some kind of vortex into two houses. They called the resulting artwork, which lead like a tunnel through the house, β€œInversion”. Unfortunately, this weird construction had only a very short life span. The two houses were scheduled for destruction just a few months later […]

Floating MP3-Player: Music for your bath tub

JVC Japan presented an MP3-Player which floats in water. The JVC XA-AW33 (shiny name…) is waterproof and equiped with circular LED lighting for visualization effects. The manufacturer even claims that the music creates ripples in the water while playing music. Unfortunately, the floating player can only load 256MB of music and plays music in mono. […]

Never oversleep your alarm clock again

When people oversleep, there is one popular cause: They turn off their alarm clock and doze off again. Since the invention of the snooze button, many people also tend to keep snoozing for hours. πŸ™‚ To escape this fate, I usually place a second alarm clock at the other end of my room. That forces […]

Strandbeest – wind powered “artificial life-form”

Theao Jansen builds artificial creatures, which can move with the wind. He calls his creation “Strandbeest“. Those beests combine an artistic beauty with technological fascination. Despite their size and complex structure, they move with such ease that they appear kinda surreal. Don’t miss the videos on the Sandbeest site. The newest specimen of Sandbeests can […]

Plantimals – Merging plants and animals

Creating hybrids between plants and animal was the task of a contest at Worth1000.com. Of course, the contestants were not supposed to interbreed real animals and plants, but to create deluding images with the help of modern image processing software like Photoshop. The results are beautifully weird, although not all of them are as cruel […]