4. June 2008

Data Retention Effectively Changes the Behavior of Citizens in Germany

A new survey shows that data retention laws influence the actual behavior of citizens in Germany. 11% had already abstained from single telecommunication acts, 52% would not use phone or e-mail for confidential contacts.

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(This article is also available in German)

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5. March 2007

US copying laptop hard disks upon entry (including passwords)

According to Fefe, a German blogger, U.S. officials copy hard disks of laptops upon entry. They even insist on the disclosure of passwords so they can decrypt files. Allegedly they even take people into coercive detention to retrieve the passwords.

Fefe’s sources are one member of the (German) Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and one employee of SAP. He also claims to have received confirmation for this from “two other large companies”.

Scary thing… and one more reason to delete the U.S.A from the list of potential travel destinations.

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