29. August 2008

Step-by-Step Video of a Matte Painting by James McWilliams / Digital Animosity

Ancient Bathhouse von James McWilliams

A matte painting commonly refers to a painted or drawn piece of scenery used in movies or animations. They belong more or less to the standard repertoire of special effects.

James McWilliams created an interesting short video which shows the progress of such a painting. In several steps he first paints the scenery of an “ancient bathhouse” (read: mysterious ruins including a water fall). Then the painting is projected onto simple 3d geometries and a short tracking shot through the scenery is animated.

The video is a nice insight into how such effects are created. The download size is kinda hefty, though: 65MB.

» Digital Animosity / James McWilliams

(via The Reaction)

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(This article is also available in German)

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23. July 2008

Paintings of Raw Meat – Victoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds chooses rather uncommon subjects for her paintings: Raw shreds of meat.

Pictured left is Flight of the Reindeer (2003, 81,25×111,12cm ). Most of Victoria’s painting in that size cost about 3000 Euros.

Somehow, the paintings have a fascinating morbid flair. I only wonder what the buyers are going to do with them. I can hardly imagine that someone decorates his or her living room with art like that – although I would be positively surprised if someone did. :)

» Victoria Reynold’s Paintings at the Richard Heller Gallery
» Another article with slightly more background info

(via Boing Boing)

(This article is also available in German)

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27. October 2007

Tutorial for Creative Painting

Guide to Creative Paining

I recently stumbled upon an interesting article about painting. It shows a nice little method to create “freestyle” paintings. This is the short version:

» read on!

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