iRATE « Discovering Music That You Love (5/6)

Gnoosic, and Pandora work with a wide spectrum of music, including that controlled by the music industry. iRATE, on the contrary, has a different philosophy. It only plays free music. « Discovering Music That You Love (3/6) calls itself a personalized radio. That expression fits pretty well. To receive this radio, you have to install a small application. This application receives the music directly from’s servers. The system keeps track of the music that you are listening to – if you wish even when you’re using other software like […]

Liveplasma « Discovering Music That You Love (2/6)

liveplasma is another music map application. It is flash-based and looks prettier than Gnod’s music map. Unfortunately, it liveplasma does not know much about less popular bands. This can become very frustrating if your listening preferences aren’t very mainstream… especially because liveplasma displays Madonna’s music map each time it doesn’t find the artist you really […]