9. November 2007

QuakeRunner – Quake as Physical Exercise


In Quake, you sweep around virtual avatars all the time. Probably your avatars get really healthy through the regular exercises, but yourself are becoming fat and fatter because you’re sitting in front of your computer all the time. Doesn’t that suck?

Maybe this is what Martin Faust was thinking when he created QuakeRunner. It is an interface for Quake 3 which controls character movements by your won movements like turning, jumping and running on the spot.

Unfortunately, QuakeRunner seems to be based on special tracking hardware, so you probably can’t try it yourself. That would be cool…

If I interpret the concept correctly, you could also use a Wiimote for tracking… hmmm ^_^

ยป QuakeRunner

You also might remember another way to get physical movements into Quake: ARQuake, which tries to implement virtual Quake monsters into the real world.

(via Kreativrauschen.de)

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7. March 2007

Your brain as a game controller

Headset of Project Epoc

Once again, science attemts to step forward to fiction. Emotiv Systems wants to create a headset, which lets you control games with your thoughts and emotions.

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