Open Mind Index – How open are you to different styles of music?

The list of extensions is still expanding. ๐Ÿ™‚ Today: The Open Mind Index With this tool, you can calculate your personal Open Mind Index (OMI). The OMI is intended to reflect the bandwidth or your personal musical taste. The higher the number, the broader is your taste in music and the more open […]

MeeTimer: Which are your worst procrastination centers?

Some time ago I wrote about Using Firewalls to Fight Procrastination. But how do you know which sites to take out with your firewall? MeeTimer can help you there. This extension for Firefox logs in detail on which sites you spend how much time. You can then see in its stats how many work hours […] Normalizer – Charts by Listening Time Instead of Play Count

A little extension to generates Charts of your personal listening habits. In contrast to the official, it doesn’t rank artists by the number of times that you listened to their songs, but by the time you spent listening. ยป Normaliser